Week two in the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye season wrapped up with an amazing twist from Big Brother as big brother invaded the house with new housemates, just after evicting some housemates. In all, it was a thrilling week with many twists that had emotions flying here and there. And as expected, we’re back with the weekly recap to keep you updated on everything going on in the BBNaija season 6 house.

Day 9: HOH Games

This week, Boma emerged as the Head of House for the BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Season in a contested ‘Game of Balls’. Boma took over from Peace and became the second Shine Ya Eye HoH.

After emerging as the winner of the HoH Challenge, Boma gained Immunity from the week’s possible Eviction, while also gaining exclusive access to the Head of House lounge for the week. He got to enjoy all this luxury with Jackie B whom he picked as his Deputy.

The first Live Nominations

Here, Biggie brought in another Twist to the game as the live nominations took a different shape, and this was because the Housemates totally failed to get anywhere close to identifying the two Wildcards – Maria and Pere.

Maria and Pere were beckoned into the diary room by Big Brother where he informed them that they would have four Nominations, each and that they would be the only Housemates doing any nominating at all. 

While this was a hard pill to swallow for either of them, they still had to do Biggie’s bidding. Pere’s list of nominees included Beatrice, Yerins, Niyi and Whitemoney while Maria had a similar list, only that she substituted Niyi for JayPaul.

Day 10: Maria dashes Pere’s hopes for a relationship

Pere seemed to have eyes for Maria, except that it wasn’t mutual. Liquorose told him how Maria always blushes at the mention of his name. So, Pere decided to take the bull by the horns and went over to Maria’s room to tell her about his growing affection for her.

However, Maria couldn’t care less. She turned down his advances by saying, “I don’t like you” After her honest revelation, she went back to sleep.

Pere didn’t let this hurt his ego, then he had a conversation with Sammie, passing off Maria’s comments as her being scared of committing to a relationship with him. The gist between them continued in the morning with Sammie encouraging Pere to put in more effort with speaking to Maria, saying she would listen to him later on.

Day 11: A sobering Diary Sessions

The diary sessions of the housemates seemed to be sober ones, and this was mainly because they couldn’t figure out who the wildcards were, and now they feared that one or two persons may be evicted.

Day 12: Building friendships

‘Girls have got to stick together’ I guess Arin and Angel live by this rule, as they continued to look out for each other. Angel and Arin had a heart-to-heart conversation in the garden, where Angel was seen opening up about her insecurities and how much they are weighing her down.

Angel, who was in tears, started explaining how depression takes a huge toll on her well-being. She opened up about being in pain almost every day in the House. Arin couldn’t help but tear up as well while Angel cried, advising her to “take each day as it comes”. She also encouraged Angel not to feel pressured to deal with any issue she is facing.

Day 13: The millionaire geng

Well, since not everyone can’t get the cash price of the game, some of the housemates have decided to win themselves a good amount of money.

A few Housemates won a million Naira for an amazing presentation.

Fights in the house

Just barely 13 days into the game, cracks have started to show in the wall.

Maria got into a war of words with Jackie B. The scene with a heated exchange, and this almost led to Princess getting in trouble for laughing.

Still keeping to the spirit of fighting another altercation between Tega and Nini happened, and what could have simply been a matter of conversation turned into a vicious exchange of ‘f-bombs’. All because of a chair. Tega allegedly grabbed and pulled a chair that Nini was resting her feet on without letting her know.

Nini did not take this well and we are not surprised after we saw her lashing out at Pere just a week ago. Respect seems to be a major value to all the Housemates but are they doing well in communicating it with one another?

Day 14: Prove yourself

Day 14 came and kept the housemates on their toes. The day was filled with lots of activities, and tasks

Day 15: A night to remember

The housemates couldn’t hide their emotions for the first party of the season. The Housemates were turned up to level 100 with DJ Nana dishing out the best of tunes to the Housemates. 

After the party, Housemates were in high spirits and Biggie complimented it by providing them with music after the party had ended. A few of the Housemates gathered in the garden enjoying the music when a little ‘ship drama’ happened between Maria and Pere.

Day 16: The Twist

Big Brother plotted a sweet twist, as he evicted three housemates, and brought in four new housemates. The shock on the faces of the housemates when they saw the new housemates was priceless.

So, after two weeks in the game, Beatrice, Niyi and Yerins were required to bid the others adieu while housemates, Micheal, JMK, KayVee and Queen, joined the show.

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