The BBNaija lockdown reunion Day 10 took a new turn. The episode was aimed at reconciling friends, however, it didn’t seem to have had much luck achieving that.

The episode started with a video clip of Ozo yelling at Prince in the house. The housemates were asked to share their opinions on what they think might have been the cause of Ozo’s behaviour.

Most of them believed that Ozo’s outburst in the clip was due to Prince’s closeness to Nengi in the house at the time, but Ozo stated that he acted in that manner because he wanted their task to be completed correctly.

Nengi also confirmed Ozo’s statement and refuted claims that Ozo’s outburst was because of her closeness with Prince. She stated that Ozo told her that he wanted the team to complete the task correctly, so he was upset Prince went out while they were rehearsing.

Ka3na’s bossy attitude wasn’t left out of conversations in this episode. Ebuka asked if the housemates thought Ka3na was bossy. Responding to Ebuka, Vee stated that she is not a bully, but she is bossy. She stated that Ka3na got into a heated argument with Tolanibaj in the house because of the way she addressed her.

Ka3na defended herself stating that she is bossy because she likes to say whatever is on her mind and then forget about it. She also stated that she does this because no one knows where she is coming from or the trials she has faced in life.

So, this is everything that went down at the BBNaija reunion show Day 10. Share your thoughts about this episode in the comment section.