The BBNaija Reunion show is already getting spicy in its third episode. This episode is about something that viewers will be interested in. The topic of discussion is Love triangles, Pyramids, Fights and Friendships, and what happened between them.

This episode carried a lot of drama. Here is everything that you missed. Ebuka disclosed the Love triangle between Wathoni, Tolanibaj and Prince and Wathoni stated that it was all cruise for her as she didn’t have feelings for Prince.

Tolanibaj stated that she regretted being in the entanglement. According to her, Prince said he liked her, but that was after he had been rejected by Nengi which made her feel like a second option. Then she went ahead to explain that she wanted to use Neo, (who was with her friend, Vee at the time) to make Prince Jealous.

This sparked a heated debate which lost led to an altercation between Vee and Tolani. Vee stated that she felt bad and disappointed when she discovered that Tolanibaj, her friend, is interested in her Man, Neo. Tolanibaj insisted that she only wanted to make use of Neo to make Prince jealous.

Ebuka tried to make her see that the action was wrong, but Tolanibaj would have none of it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below