The BBNaija lockdown reunion Day 11 centred on Neo and all the drama that surrounded him in the house. Prince talked about how he felt betrayed by Neo who pretended to be his friend in the house.

In his diary room session, Neo stated that he believed Prince was lying about his father’s story, and Prince found this offensive. According to Prince, when he was evicted from the BBNaija house, he saw some videos where Neo was bad-mouthing him and calling him a liar. This made him feel bad because Neo was his friend, and he did not expect such behaviour from him.

He also stated that Neo nominated him for eviction but pretended like nothing had happened when they met outside the house.

Prince wasn’t the only one disappointed in Neo. Praise also expressed his disappointment in Neo for nominating him for eviction in the diary room. Praise stated that he felt betrayed after watching some videos when he was out of the house.

In his defence, Neo stated that he saved Trikytee because he felt Praise had more friends in the house who would have saved him, unlike Trikytee. So he decided to safe Trikytee and nominated his friend Praise for eviction.

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