The BBNaija lockdown reunion Day 7 took a different turn with TolaniBaj revealing that she and Prince got intimate after they left the show.

At the start of the episode, Ebuka asked Prince why Dorathy unfollowd him, and he stated that everything between him and Dorathy was good until they had a conversation that didn’t end so well, then he found out that she had blocked him on all social media platforms.

“I tried to contact her in different ways. I used my brother’s phone to contact her, and she read the messages and blocked him too.”

So, it turns out that Dora blocked Prince on all her social media handles after he told her that he had sex with Tbaj after house. Although this happened before Prido, she felt that was a piece of information that he wasn’t supposed to keep to himself.

According to her, Tolanibaj had been coming at her on social media and she didn’t know why. She had asked Prince if he knew why Tolani was throwing shades at her and if there was something going on between them and he didn’t say anything about it.

Recall that during the reality TV show, TolaniBaj and Prince were seemingly an item. After the show, they hooked up and had sex and according to Tolani, the intimacy is something she regrets because it was wack.

”The intimacy happened because I was feeling Prince at the time and I 100% regret it. And it was wack by the way. I really expected more from somebody that carries shoulder like this. You should have impressed me, but you didn’t,” she said

Prince on his part confirmed that they indeed had sex. He said he later made it clear to TolaniBaj that they were not an item and that there was no ”PriBaj”- the name coined for their relationship by their fans. According to him, the only thing he regrets in his life is his ”relationship” with TolaniBaj.

During the show, Tolani also revealed that Prince and Lilo kissed. According to her, this was after the all-white party they had when the show ended. She said she felt disrespected by the action because it was done right in front of her.

Responding to Tolani’s comment, Lilo said ”The Saturday party came, everyone was at the party. I was drunk and he was on the bus and he was like come sit with me.

“The funny thing is that that night, Tolani was actually there and Eric was actually sitting next to him. He was holding me so I kissed him, and he was like: ‘no Lilo stop, don’t do that.’ It didn’t even last five seconds because he actually stopped me.”

Prince admitted he was wrong for not telling Dora about his intimacy with Tbaj and said he will love to continue his relationship with Dora if she forgives him.

“Dora is still my friend, I still care about her and I still love her to death, I have done things for Dora that I haven’t done for anyone.”

Dora said she is out of the Prido thing for good, she blocked him everywhere and has moved on.

So, this is everything that went down at the BBNaija reunion show Day 7. What are your thoughts on all that happened between Prince, Dorathy and Tolanibaj.

I hope that Dorathy forgives Prince and they go back to being friends.