BBNaija reunion show Day 6 was fully packed with entertainment. From Ka3na basically having the show attributed to her, to the altercation between Lucy and Kaisha which led to throwing blows.

Here is everything you missed from the show and more.

Ka3na addresses her unfollowing of the BBNaija Lockdown housemates

The boss lady gave a drama infused speech about her reason for unfollowing her fellow housemates.

According to her, she felt the housemates had a perspective about her and that was understandable as she didn’t stay long in the house.

However, Tolanibaj wasn’t buying it as she stated that Ka3na unfollowed the housemates because they attended Nengi’s birthday bash. Vee interjected by saying that Ka3na had unfollowed her way before Nengi’s birthday.

Ka3na and Tochi’s heated exchange

Ka3na and Tochi got into a heated argument – one of the most confusing since the start of the show.

The argument was over Ka3na’s choice to unfollow the housemates. Tochi asked Ka3na to come down from her high horse, then he didn’t fail to add that the horse was already low. When Ebuka asked Tochi what his hurt is in the issue, he stated that he wasn’t happy about the fact that Ka3na unfollowed the housemates and still went on Twitter to tweet about it.

Ka3na addresses fall out with Lucy

While in the house, Ka3na and Lucy were inseparable and their bond was taken out of the house as they shared an enviable bond.

However, things went south for the ladies and Ka3na explained amid tears, the reason she ended the friendship with Lucy. She went on to share how their relationship started in the house and stated some of the sacrifices she had made for their relationship.

According to her, Lucy showed signs of unloyalty by befriending Nengi who was a mutual ‘enemy’ she further went ahead to say that it wasn’t the fact that Lucy was friends with Nengi that got to her but the fact that Lucy didn’t inform her about going back to be friends with Nengi, knowing fully well how they both felt about Nengi during the show and even when the show ended.

Kaisha and Lucy’s clash

The night took a surprising turn when Kaisha threw a pillow at Lucy for addressing an incident involving her mother and Ka3na.

Lucy in turn immediately for up and was ready to deliver an energetic swing of her palm that we are certain landed on Kaisha’s face, but then Kayode was on seat.

So, this is everything you missedfrom the BBNaija reunion show day 6. What ar your thoughts on Ka3na’s reason for her fallout with Lucy?

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