As expected, the BBNaija reunion day 5 didn’t disappoint, as the viewers of the show expected drama and the housemates delivered.

The show started with clips from the night of intense moments between Kidd and Nengi at the lockdown house bathroom’s corridor.

Eric and Lilo’s short lived romance wasn’t left out as well.

Here is everything you missed from the show and more.

The Kiddwaya and Nengi situationship

The clip from the Big Brother house between Kiddwaya and Nengi whispering and Kidd unzipping Nengi’s dress, in the bathroom corridor was played.

Ozo was asked what he thought about the moment, he admitted that he felt confused but chose to believe his crush at the time.

While neither Nengi nor Kiddwaya could remember much of what was whispered or how they got there, but they were certain that there were no ulterior motives.

Wathoni and Tochi clash over Kiddwaya

During this episode of the reunion show, it was revealed that Wathoni was in more love triangles than the viewers were aware of.

Most of the housemates swore that they saw hints of attraction from Wathoni towards Kiddwaya which she vehemently denied citing his playboy personality the reason.

Housemates Tochi and Wathoni brought some drama as they had a clash over Kiddwaya. Tochi wasn’t pleased that Wathoni called his friend a community boy, so he called her a community girl as well, and Wathoni said he was being disrespectful.

Unexpectedly, things got heated between Tochi and Wathoni who got into a banter when she accused Kiddwaya of describing her as an ‘easy catch’ in a conversation with Tochi.

Kaisha pulls out receipts on Neo

So, it turns out that Neo made several advances at Kaisha. Well, this is according to Kaisha, as Neo couldn’t recollect any of what she said.

The shock came when Kaisha revealed that Neo asked her to kiss him during one of the night parties.

Things got quite intense between the two when Neo kept maintaining that he couldn’t remember any of what she was saying, and this led to Kaisha walking out of the set.

Although, Neo refused to admit that he made advances at her, he did admit that she was attracted to him while he was more into Vee.

Eric and Lilo short-lived romance

I guess it is safe to call them the first love birds of the BBNaija lockdown season.

Although their romance was short-lived as they got evicted early.

After her eviction from the show, Lilo accused Eric of ‘taking advantage of her’.

Eric revealed that he tried to reach out to her after his eviction but hit a defensive wall.


This is everything you missed from the BBNaija reunion Day 5. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.